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4 Steps to Prepare Your Business for AI

Setting up artificial intelligence in a business can seem like a daunting task, especially if it’s new technology that seems, unlike anything that business has done before. Adding an AI component to a business is a proven way to improve productivity and profits, whether it means a program to learn customers’ preferences, a semi-automated chat system, or an intelligent firewall to protect sensitive data. Proper preparation for integration of AI into a business must be done in a way that benefits the entire company, which can seem overwhelming without a sense of direction.

Every business has a unique reason to need AI, and since AI is so flexible, it can meet all of these needs. Since AI is essentially a group of programs on virtual computers that can learn from data, there are steps businesses can take to make sure AI is properly integrated well.

The four steps businesses should consider when integrating AI include:

  1. Leveraging Human Intelligence
  2. Starting an AI Roadmap
  3. Doing a Pilot project
  4. Hiring an Expert to Assemble the Integration

All of these steps are essential to put together AI in a robust way, and doing it right saves a business time and money.

  1. First, leveraging human intelligence means you and your team will need to have a clear understanding of:
    • What part of a business needs AI?
    • Why is AI needed?
    • How will AI be used?
    • What benefits will AI provide?AI is a new business process that many businesses have yet to try. They may even think they don’t need AI at all.
    Like any new business process, everyone involved needs to understand the strengths and weaknesses, compared to their current processes. They need to know why the AI matters and how to use it most effectively, especially if it will be part of their daily activities. Educating people on how to use AI is critical to success in making it work for a business.
  2. An AI roadmap represents all the stages AI must go through to benefit the business. It’s usually a visual representation, something where everyone involved can see, at a glance, how the AI will evolve over time. This map can also predict what should happen as each stage is reached, so businesses can show investors what the return on their investments should be. While this would be used with a more traditional investment model, justifying financial capital, it could also be a useful tool to show employees and clients what to expect as the AI changes.
  3. Although the concept of AI is purposely simple, integrating AI into a business can become complicated, so running a pilot project is crucial. A pilot project can help businesses iron out any flaws in the implementation of AI, and make sure that it’s working as expected. Pilot projects are a way to test out AI (or other software) on a small scale before it’s expanded out to the rest of the business. Businesses can streamline training sessions, fix problems, and decide how long it will take to expand the AI to the entire business. Sometimes, the pilot project shows that significant changes need to be made to the AI, or that AI might be better suited elsewhere. It is best, however, to find out these things on a small scale, before AI is expanded through the entire business.
  4. The most important step when integrating AI into a business is to hire an expert who can guide the company through all its stages. AI requires preparation, implementation, integration, and long-term maintenance. SafeNet is a leading expert in cloud AI and can assist companies in all of these stages. Without an expert, it can be challenging to use AI successfully, and instead of an increase in productivity and profits, the company only gets headaches. SafeNet has experience building neural networks of many types, and its expertise ensures that companies don’t miss out on crucial parts of their operations.

SafeNet focuses on building networks for healthcare, manufacturing, and finance, focusing on specific business types so its services can be best tailored to their needs. If interested in cloud AI for any of these businesses, contact SafeNet for high-quality services.