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SafeNet Consulting consultants lead the charge as trusted digital advisors who will support your team with strategic thinking and pragmatic execution. We work with progressive organizations who place value in the application of emerging technologies to drive their business forward.

Our company

Consulting that moves you

A technology consulting firm founded in 1994 with locations in Minneapolis and Milwaukee. We provide industry-leading solutions to help move your business forward. Our consultants lead the charge as trusted advisors to support your digital transformation or application modernization by visualizing solutions built with emerging technologies. SafeNet Consulting helps businesses unwrap and understand these emerging technologies, their capabilities and the myriad of things they can achieve for you and your business. We have the power to create custom software solutions that will best fit your business needs both in the cloud and on-premise.

Our clients

Trusted partners

Our clients find a trusted partner when they engage with SafeNet Consulting – a partner with the foresight and experience to anticipate an opportunity, the courage to uncover an innovative approach, and the dexterity to navigate toward what’s appropriate to digitally advance your business. SafeNet Consulting engages with our clients to provide people, tools, and skills to deliver tomorrow’s solutions just in time for today’s concerns.

Our consultants

The people behind the technology

An office may just be an office, but it’s our people that define us. Our consultants enjoy a flexible and creative workspace and earn our credibility through knowledgeable perspective, candid conversations, creative response, and transparent follow through.

SafeNet Consulting has been recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Firms and received Best Places to Work honors because we’ve built a reputation of attracting and retaining some of the best talent in the region.

Our values

The core of our culture

  • As cultivators of transformation /

    We are confident as visionaries. With eyes open and ears to the ground, we sense what’s coming. We adapt when the terrain fluctuates, no matter how precarious. When a roadmap is too restrictive, we open up our flight manual. We are constantly learning and we pass the dividends to our partners, clients, and colleagues. We are just as eager to teach as we are to learn.

    Our people are invested in navigating and nurturing your digital evolution.

  • As allies with autonomy /

    We are entrepreneurs first, collaborators always. We are self-motivated digital mavericks and show up with courage to confront any obstacle in our path. We are here to go to battle for anyone who is ready to get their hands dirty as we uncover the barriers to advancement and seize hold of progress.

    We welcome and empower anyone who is equal parts change-agent, partner, and problem-solver.

  • As real people, not robots /

    Empathy and passion run deep. To confront a challenge is to recognize there are humans involved. You trust and depend on us because we are always honest with you. There isn’t time for B.S. when it’s time to make waves. We push past the limits of average. We thrive off the creative currents that emerge from an environment enlightened by flexibility, sincerity, and ingenuity.

    We earn our credibility through acute perspective, candid conversations, creative response, and transparent follow through.

Our community

Giving that goes full circle

A sense of community binds us with opportunity at our core. With focused outreach to the learning community, we partner with universities and high schools, participate on tech advisory boards, host hackathons, and connect student interns to real-world problems with our non-profit partners. SafeNetters serve beyond the technical community as well. We support those in need and advance the opportunities of others with food and toy drives, serving meals, and providing sweat equity for giving that goes full circle.

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