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Affecting Digital Transformation in 2020

Technology is maturing faster than ever before, transforming the way we do business, interact with customers and develop new solutions. Companies that know how to apply this technology are disrupting their industries—and raising user expectations in the process.

To stand out as a change-maker and deliver the value your customers demand, you have to understand and apply the tools driving this disruption first. So today, let’s take a few minutes to discuss some of the most impactful business technologies of 2020.

1. Cloud Development

Companies are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud technology to streamline business processes, reduce costs and scale more effectively. As companies continue to integrate cloud-based workflows to simplify their work, more and more developers are exploring the concept of cloud development for custom apps.

The cloud empowers development teams to use new tools (like serverless computing) to deliver apps more quickly and efficiently. Cloud-based applications are also easier to scale and can take advantage of multiple server locations to reduce the risk of lost data.

At SafeNet Consulting, we help clients across a range of industries replace outdated applications and infrastructure with cloud-based solutions. Our cloud modernization strategy is tailored to your unique business and its needs—ensuring the solutions we build create meaningful change. You can find more information on our cloud and application development solutions here.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a scary concept for many businesses. Put simply, it’s software that enables machines to make more intelligent decisions and behave more like real people. Modern AI solutions can read, listen and see just like humans, creating endless opportunities to automate tedious tasks and gather important data more efficiently.

Thankfully, industry leaders like Microsoft have already built homegrown AI models for companies and development teams to use today. For example, Azure includes a powerful AI platform that unlocks machine learning and in-depth knowledge mining, allowing business users to uncover valuable insights from their content—and deliver innovative experiences in their apps.

SafeNet Consulting makes the process of building and maintaining AI solutions simpler than ever. We can help you leverage the full computational abilities of Microsoft’s AI platform, and apply that technology to solve your business challenges. Together, we can use AI and apps to analyze your data, simplify monotonous tasks and provide game-changing experiences for your customers.

3. Blockchain Technology

At its core, blockchain is a record-keeping technology that stores information about transactions. The introduction of blockchain has drastically changed a variety of businesses and industries already. For example, enterprises in supply chain management can apply blockchain to streamline a range of time-consuming tasks, including product tracking and recording important insights like transportation history.

Blockchain is making big waves in the world of manufacturing and retail as well. Manufacturing plants can use this technology to aggregate and display transparent machine data to monitor equipment and drive predictive maintenance, saving millions in failed machinery costs. Likewise, retailers and e-commerce businesses are deploying blockchain to aggregate and study user data to support their marketing campaigns.

SafeNet Consulting helps companies across the country understand and capitalize on blockchain technology. Our experts can walk your team through potential use cases and advise you on which approach aligns best with your business needs—both for today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities.

An Ecosystem of Change

Your industry’s technology landscape is constantly evolving. To stay relevant as a business, you have to understand how those changes will impact your world and plan accordingly. That’s why it can be so helpful to partner with a technology consulting firm like SafeNet Consulting. Our consultants can help you apply emergent technologies to your business, putting you at the cutting edge of digital transformation.

As your partner, we work to create an environment of open communication, trust and innovation. We’re here to listen to your unique goals—and connect you with custom technologies to keep your business moving forward.

Transform with SafeNet Consulting

At SafeNet Consulting, we’re in the business of relationships. For over 25 years, we’ve helped our clients navigate technology and market changes, guiding them to the best possible outcomes. We love working with change-makers who want to drive their business forward with technology and collaborating to meet their unique challenges.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner to support your team with custom technology solutions, then contact us today. You can also reach out with any questions you have on blockchain technology, AI and apps, or the other exciting concepts we’ve touched on today—and how you might use them to affect positive change in your industry. We can’t wait to get started.


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