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Are You a Creature of Habit?

Do you resist change because it seems risky or because it sounds like a lot of work? I get it; I, too, can sometimes be a creature of habit. I like the same restaurants. I drink my coffee the same way every day. I take the same path to work every day.

We are all creatures – and habits can make things easier, right? If we routinely perform the same tasks, we lessen the challenge of those tasks and reduce our need for engagement. Simplifying trivial chores can help you on an everyday basis, such as ordering your favorite Starbucks latte (grande, one pump hazelnut, non-fat, extra hot, no foam). Okay, maybe I am more high maintenance than other creatures of habit. However, while the solidification of some habits is great, the fossilization of your career can cause you to feel fixed, or incapable of change or development.

I actually learned this about myself after being in the same position for too long. Similar to my experience, career stagnation is probably holding you back from a better opportunity, higher earning potential and increased job satisfaction. Embracing change or doing something different can be very exciting and even empowering. Imagine a career where you can continuously work on new projects with constant exposure to a variety of cutting-edge tools. Imagine a job where you are afforded the chance to learn and progress upward on your career path. Imagine the opportunity to just move forward.

At SafeNet Consulting, our business is our people. We invest in our employees, we stay ahead of the curve with continued training and we make sure our employees do not stay the same. Same is fine with coffee, but not your career. Break a few habits and see how you can move forward with SafeNet Consulting.

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