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Commitment: Even When Your Number Isn’t Called

In the early 90s, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen formed one of the most dynamic duos in NBA history. Their…

Kinect for Azure – What does Kinect have to do with Azure?

Kinect was introduced as an accessory for the Xbox in 2010 and retired as a product in 2017 without ever…

Code The Way: Partnering High Schools & Tech Companies in the Real World

The Milwaukee region has a significant base of technology talent of nearly 76,000 workers, supporting more than 140 industries, accounting…

ML.Net brings Machine Learning to .Net

Machine Learning has primarily been the domain of Python, and for good reason, due to Python's ability to manipulate and…

Conflict: A Key to Making the Right Call

Two of the most colorful personalities in baseball in the 1970s and early ‘80s were Earl Weaver and Billy Martin,…

Containerizing Neural Networks

During the 2018 Build keynote this year Microsoft talked about deploying models in containers using Docker and Kuburnetes. (more…)

The Netflix Journey – A New Model

A new risk profile In my last post, I wrote about a “new risk profile” and how companies need to…

Trust: The Foundation for Team Success

A few years ago, the Philadelphia Eagles made big waves in the offseason, signing several high-profile free agents. Hopes were…

ONNX Standardization for Neural Networks

At the Build conference this year, Microsoft announced that ONNX support would be rolled out through many of their Cloud and…

Digital Disruption: A New Risk Profile

We have seen multiple singular waves of technology disrupt businesses and change the way we live our lives. The web…

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