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Why Enterprise AI Demands Your Attention

The industries of business and technology are always evolving, and there are constantly new technologies emerging that people regularly become…

Crucial Steps to Prepare You for the Intelligent Cloud

When talk of something called "the Intelligent Cloud" first began, nobody really knew what it was or what to expect…

A Guide to Improving Efficiency With the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a highly promising invention. There is an abundance of applications and implications for businesses…

Answers to Questions About the Intelligent Edge

Most people are unaware of the potential of Intelligent Edge. Intelligent Edge, a concept coined by Microsoft, can best be…

What We Can Expect From Artificial Intelligence in 2017

As the human race continues to improve its technological capabilities, artificial intelligence has come to the forefront of continued improvement.…

Digital Transformation Trends to Expect in 2017

Digital transformation in business is no longer just a passing trend. It has become the norm among business leaders and…

Must-Know Facts About Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud

At the Build conference this year, Microsoft unveiled many new developer tools, but the one theme that stood out among…

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