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Bolster Your Business by Integrating These New Technologies

There are some very exciting new technologies on the horizon, and business owners, especially those involved in manufacturing, should take note. Traditional enterprise has begun reacting extremely quickly to some new trends that have been emerging in the field of technology, and the most proactive business owners are now taking steps to integrate these technological trends into their business models, and for good reason.

Let’s take a look at these new technologies that represent the most powerful new trends in business and manufacturing, and how enterprises that would be considered traditional are now leveraging these technologies to generate powerful solutions within their businesses.


AR, or ”augmented reality,” is similar to virtual reality, but not exactly the same. Virtual reality requires a head-mounted display, while augmented reality does not, and AR also has many more applications for businesses of all types. Enterprises are now able to use AR devices, such as the HoloLens, in order to collaborate remotely, learn new things that relate to the real world, and show designs.

It’s a well-known fact in the world of business that people are able to learn things far more easily when they are shown rather than told. With the holographic computing technology of AR, businesses now have a unique opportunity to bring their information and products to life, giving them an edge on their competitors who are still relying on rote power-point displays and pie charts.


The Internet of Things is designed to empower not only things but people as well. The Intelligent Cloud can store amazing amounts of useful data. For example, data entry is typically a time-consuming task when performed manually. It’s very repetitive, and, in today’s world, these kinds of jobs are fading out as technology evolves. By utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP), the IoT will become able to better understand the human language. Consequently, the use of technology, like the Intelligent Cloud, will be able to eliminate the need for manual data entry jobs. This will free up significant amounts of time for your employees while also reducing the rate of human error, giving employees an opportunity to actually apply the data that they were tasked to enter.

3D Printing

Another technology that is absolutely changing the world as we know it is 3D printing. The applications for this new technology in business are too many to count, and the speed and flexibility that it offers business owners cannot be overstated. Right now, this technology is still pretty costly, but, as with all new game-changing technologies, the price for these printers will soon drop down to reasonable levels.

If you can find a way to get in on this technology at a good price as quickly as possible, you will be able to get a significant advantage over your competitors. Not only will startups see benefit from this technology but well-established business enterprises will be able to greatly benefit from it as well.


The fitness and health industry is just waiting for a new game-changing technology to come around, and it appears to be right around the corner in the form of wearables. We have already seen the massive success of products like the Fitbit and other health data monitoring technology, and it’s only going to get better from here.

This fact not only ties into health and wellness companies looking to invest in these products in order to market them, but it also can impact any company that employs human workers. As everyone knows, the less healthy an individual is, the less productive that person will be. For businesses that really want to get the most out of their workers, an investment in wearable technology could result in a significant increase in productivity.

The price of fitness trackers continues to drop, and this means that a company can supply its entire workforce with a way to keep tabs on its members’ physical health. Not only does this look good for your company, but it’s like giving a health boost to everyone who works for it, allowing them to give back in the form of increased output and higher morale.

For companies that place an emphasis on customer service, this could be very beneficial, especially as happy employees pass their contagious energy onto customers.

The new technologies that are starting to emerge are going to revolutionize the way business is done. With advanced tech like wearable fitness trackers, the IoT, 3D printing, and AR coming onto the scene, business owners large and small are going to want to dedicate some time and money to integrating them. Not only will these technologies improve customer experience and quality of service, but they will also allow businesses to stay plugged into continuing evolutions and not get left behind to simply wither away.

Embracing the future is always a good idea, so start exploring the possibilities where your business could benefit from any one of these technologies.