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Case Study: Modern Applications

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A fast-casual restaurant chain was looking to scale mobile ordering capabilities for their growing customer and franchisee base. Similar restaurant chains had seen a 15-18% increase in revenue as a result of mobile sales, and our client looked to SafeNet Consulting for help.

The client faced obstacles with legacy applications that needed to be modernized before scaling mobile ordering capabilities and improving application performance. The need for a solution became even stronger with mounting pressures associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, as sudden dining room closures left restaurants and franchisees in a challenging position.

SafeNet assessed the client’s current systems in order to make a recommendation on how to best scale to support mobile ordering demand. In addition to leaning on our expertise to support a move to the cloud, we also helped them modernize their legacy applications to improve the experience and value. As our team began to deliver on these initiatives, the client saw value in SafeNet Consulting’s expertise in helping them rewrite their legacy apps using modern technologies and making recommendations to scale to Azure.

Assessment and recommendations provided clear focus:

  • Championed enhanced software engineering practices
  • Introduced Azure resources and enabled mobile ordering on a national scale
  • Redesigned and rebuilt an application for menu, specials, and supporting features in a user-centric, mobile-first approach
  • Introduced web application firewall for increased security

SafeNet’s partnership allowed the client to successfully scale and roll out mobile ordering to hundreds of franchise locations across the Midwest. This initiative is projected to help them generate $236M in additional annual revenue, thanks to ordering capabilities equipped to support the increasing demand.

SafeNet has become an extension of the client’s team, and through a multi-year retainer, is continuing to help them modernize many more of their critical applications.

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