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Case Study: When Tech Talent & Supply Chain Expertise Unite

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Sometimes a client faces challenges that exceed available resources. That’s when you call in outside expertise. Such was the recent case with one of our clients – Restaurant Technologies. This progressive organization provides restaurants with oil-management innovations to make kitchens safer, more efficient, and more profitable. 

The client was looking at ways to improve supply chain business processes, support existing talent, and leverage technology to increase margins, internal productivity, and customer satisfaction. To tackle the challenges with an analysis-based approach, Restaurant Technologies turned to SafeNet and their supply chain experts at Waypost Advisors to partner on a solution. They would identify areas of business process improvements to give them the uplift they were looking for, and SafeNet would implement the technology to solve them.


Our client used legacy ERP and planning tools built from Microsoft Excel and Access to manage their process. As with many legacy solutions, master data was not maintained, and their inventory-management practices across 42 warehouse locations were manual, inefficient, and prone to breakdowns. It took hours each day to populate and refresh datasets. Additionally, legacy knowledge of systems and how tools were integrated needed improvements due to turnover, so modifications were risky and generally not even attempted.

SafeNet Solution

Information gathering was the critical first step. Waypost Advisors spent six weeks on-site at the client’s locations, investigating and interviewing staff members and key stakeholders. The work resulted in an end-to-end supply chain analyses of sourcing, procurement, purchasing, and inventory management at the warehouses. Waypost’s primary recommendations included:

  • Process improvements in material sourcing.
  • Replacement/enhancement of crucial business tools.
  • Automation at warehouses to optimize flow.
  • Data solutions for Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to free up resources by eliminating manual inventory monitoring.

SafeNet then analyzed the client’s existing tools and placed a data-modeling expert to dissect the tool’s modeling, calculations, reporting inputs, and how it populated and drove decisions. SafeNet successfully migrated the tool to a modern platform and plumbed in stable, sustainable data inputs to reduce performance risks, crashes, and interruptions in business operations.

By combining Waypost’s end-to-end supply chain expertise with SafeNet’s skills in data technology and modern application development, our client has experienced savings, business efficiencies, and ease that were unattainable prior.

Click to download the Case Study

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