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Build 2019 is almost here!

It’s almost time for this year’s Build conference. For a Microsoft developer, this is like Christmas time with an abundance of gifts bestowed on us by Microsoft. What are these gifts? New technology, new SDK’s, Continue reading

Chatbots Can Deliver ROI for Customer Service

Chatbots are revolutionizing a wide range of industries. From cutting-edge technology firms to more traditional manufacturing, chatbots are being utilized across the board. However, perhaps no industry will feel as dramatic of an impact as the customer service industry.

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There’s a Bot For That – How Big Players are Leveraging AI Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming very popular. Already, a number of large companies are leveraging them to produce tremendous results. Chatbots can be used in a wide variety of applications.

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Enterprise Chatbot Solutions And AI Are Changing The Workplace

Chatbots have emerged as a powerful tool for enterprises both large and small. Initially, these bots were used to respond to customer care conversations, but, in practice, their use was limited to answering simple questions and other routine tasks. Continue reading