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Artificial Intelligence on the Intelligent Edge

At the Build conference this year, Microsoft announced many different ways they are bringing Artificial Intelligence to the Edge. Microsoft’s goal is to distribute access to AI across the cloud and the edge to empower more devices and people to benefit from machine learning and neural networks. Continue reading

Why Cloud Computing Is Proving to Be a Huge Factor in the Financial Industry

Cloud computing; while sometimes compared with the virtualization of computing applications, power, and storage that deploys “pay-as-you-go” web services, the characteristics of this emerging model have made it much more than a buzzword in technology circles today. Continue reading

Cloud Computing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

The cloud and various cloud computing trends have made their mark on the world in the past several years. Going into 2018, that trend isn’t going to stop. In fact, most IT executives and business owners are already looking forward to what 2018 will bring as far as cloud computing is concerned.

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Understanding How to Transition Enterprise Apps to the Cloud

As the cloud has become more trusted and more established in many different industries, it has also become more effective and efficient. It’s grown beyond a place to simply store data into a service that provides secure, flexible software applications and even operating systems.

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