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Cloud Computing Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

The cloud and various cloud computing trends have made their mark on the world in the past several years. Going into 2018, that trend isn’t going to stop. In fact, most IT executives and business owners are already looking forward to what 2018 will bring as far as cloud computing is concerned.

If you’re one of these executives, you’re likely already determining how cloud computing will help you this year. Here are a few of the trends that have been predicted and what they will mean for you and your business.

Cloud Services Will Grow Exponentially

You can expect to see this type of solution rapidly grow thanks to the concept of Software as a Service or SaaS. This new concept of cloud computing, in which you purchase licenses for software as needed, has created a flexible solution for companies that make use of cloud services. When you need software, you pay to license it. When you no longer need that software, you cancel the license. It’s more financially attractive than buying a license and software only to later determine you don’t need that application.

You can also look forward to both Infrastructures as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) options to expand, giving you more solutions straight from the cloud. Because of these growing flexible options, experts predict that many more businesses and organizations will start using the cloud. If you’re already using it, you can expect to increase your reliance on cloud services and solutions.

More Storage Capacity

With more companies making use of more cloud services, you can expect to see the storage available to you increase. Cloud services are becoming a standard part of doing business, so you’re going to need more data storage than ever before. This, in turn, means more data centers will be constructed, and equipment with larger storage capacity will be rolled out. As data center managers work to expand their storage capabilities, business leaders who are carefully watching the industry will already be planning how to best make use of this extra space.

More Focus on the Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything or IoE will become more of a focus. This concept is that everything, including real-time data, cloud computing, and customer analytics, is all connected and should be looked at together. As more consumer products and devices become online-capable, the ability to gather data about specific consumer needs and wants will increase. You’ll be able to learn about your customer habits in ways you never have before and use that data to construct better products and marketing campaigns.

As the IoE continues to expand and transform into a complex web that simplifies and brings together all interactions, cloud computing will step up to play an integral part of this growth. This is especially true once cloud computing storage has expanded, allowing businesses and other organizations to accumulate and analyze more and more data.

The Internet of Things, the interconnectivity between equipment, is also expected to continue growing in 2018 as more and more devices are built with internet use in mind.

The Quality of the Internet Will Improve, and 5G Will be Introduced

With more and more data being generated, analyzed, and stored, experts anticipate that the internet speed and reliability will also increase. Huge amounts of data are going to be shared with people around the world, and that’s going to require reliable internet that is faster than what we’ve had in the past.

When this better internet becomes available, customers are going to expect their apps and other services to improve as well. They will demand apps that load quickly and are highly responsive. Businesses that are already re-evaluating their apps and planning on upgrading their websites, SaaS, and PaaS will be ahead of the game.

Of course, the IoE and the IoT will also be able to take advantage of these faster internet connections. Organizations will be able to more quickly send and receive data in real-time to their network of different devices.

What Do You See Coming?

As cloud storage increases, new service solutions are implemented, and better quality internet appears on the scene, the world is going to change. The Internet of Everything will become more and more important, requiring businesses in many sectors to reevaluate how they operate. Will this all occur in 2018? Perhaps not, but it will begin here. If you’re not ready to move to make the most of these new trends, you’ll be left behind.

You might not be certain where to even begin. That’s where SafeNet can help. We’re here to advise you on emerging technology and help you incorporate these innovative changes into your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.