Cloud Adoption & Optimization

SafeNet Consulting helps companies jump-start their cloud journey to reduce costs, scale your business up or down, and create game-changing solutions that challenge the status quo.

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Transforming businesses with cloud-based technology

The cloud is more than a simple destination. Digital transformation allows the cloud to become an operating model for how companies advance and grow. Our team works to ensure clients’ cloud ecosystems deliver what they need. Watch this video featuring SafeNet Consulting’s Cloud Adoption & Optimization Principal to learn more.

What Clients Get

Support to transform the cloud into a competitive advantage, one that reduces costs, improves speed to market, and gives you the agility needed to adapt in this age of disruption. Together, we can craft cloud technology solutions to support your bottom line and realize your full potential in the cloud.

What We Do

We work alongside you to design custom cloud technology solutions based on your unique business goals. We provide an agile cloud framework to help you build securely, innovate quickly and ensure your cloud ecosystem delivers exactly what you need.

How We Do It

Before starting any cloud project, we step back to define your business transformation objectives. We collaborate with you to make sure the cloud solutions we build advance those goals, from scaling operations to automating tasks, to improving efficiencies, to innovating to outpace the competition. 

We implement the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework as a guide to create and deploy business and technology strategies for the cloud. We leverage best practices, documentation, and tools that our cloud architects and professionals use in making decisions on how to achieve our clients’ cloud adoption goals. 

We excel in the following areas of thought leadership and high-quality execution by strategic cloud design, optimization, migration, and innovation. 

Strategic Cloud Design

  • Jump-start your cloud journey quickly & intentionally.
  • Create an agile adoption framework for your business, people, & processes.
  • Automate the process of building & deploying code with continuous integration & continuous deployment (CI /CD).

Getting started with the cloud can be overwhelming, especially for small- to mid-sized businesses. That’s why we guide every step of your cloud journey through intentional design. We’ll help you define your business transformation objectives and create a secure framework for adoption.

Cloud Optimization

  • Drive business efficiency with an optimized cloud system.
  • Build a governance strategy to reduce security risk & maximize productivity.
  • Develop a Cloud Roadmap to meet your short & long-term project goals.
  • Implement DevOps to reduce development cycles & ensure solution quality.

We’re here to ensure your cloud technology solutions deliver meaningful utility and ROI. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to optimize your existing cloud ecosystem, our team of architects, developers and engineers will work together to create the strongest solution for your objectives.

Cloud Migration

  • Move data, apps, & other enterprise assets securely to the cloud.
  • Use Application Rationalization to be strategic about which apps you move.
  • Utilize Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to simplify development & infrastructure ops.

Cloud migration helps your business host apps and data in the best IT environment available based on performance, security, and costs. Our team can assist you in determining which IT assets your business needs—and migrating those elements safely and efficiently.

Cloud Innovation

  • Incorporate best practices for building in the cloud.
  • Create powerful proofs of concept to outpace your competitors.
  • Leverage CI/CD to streamline different stages of app development.
  • Use MVP Development to create better solutions more efficiently.

We can help you solve complex problems and craft innovative solutions with cloud-based technology. Deploy Continuous Integration and Development (CI/CD), Minimum Viable Product Development, and other best practices to build impactful proofs of concepts, operate more efficiently, and set your business apart and above.

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Our People Are The Difference

“On behalf of the steering team, we wanted to thank you all for the hard work to successfully migrate hosting of the North American internet sites to Amazon Web Services. This success could not have been achieved without your expertise, collaboration, and dedication to delivery, which resulted in a step-change in the client and customer experience. This change delivered a better customer experience and increased stability. The project also delivered cost savings, advanced infrastructure, and enhanced monitoring capability. The cloud platform positions our company to enhance the customer experience with greater speed and agility continually. Thank you again for your dedication, determination, and successful delivery!”


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