Data & Artificial Intelligence

SafeNet Consulting develops machine learning models that provide past, current, and future state insights into business data that would otherwise be impossible.

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The most amazing part of AI is its accessibility

Uncover the opportunities where your business can leverage data and artificial intelligence to automate repetitive tasks among your team, gather more and better data, and potentially disrupt your industry and break into new markets.

We have developed our 7-Step model for designing and executing the project with a primary focus on data. This is what will set baselines, expectations, and goals for your project model.

Graphic depicting SafeNet Consulting's 7 Step AI Model

What Clients Get

By having a flexible and robust data model that fits your current situation, you can take advantage of bleeding-edge technologies that can extract new and exciting information or squeeze out the maximum efficiency in your process through automation. You also gain more accuracy in your information and processes that provide endless returns on investment.

What We Do

We help businesses get the most out of their data. By understanding current and future needs, we can provide services to help organize, move, and analyze data while providing the most accurate understanding of past, current, and future state. We can even use data to automate workflow processes.

How We Do It

We are experts at understanding data and how to best glean impactful information from it. We start by understanding business needs and building data models that offer flexibility and provide high accuracy. We leverage technologies like Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Databricks to build machine learning models that provide insights into business data that would otherwise be impossible.


  • Data warehousing
  • Scalable solutions
  • ETL

If your data isn’t organized properly or getting to the right people at the right time, it is useless. Robust data architecture and guidance can provide you with a solid foundation for your entire organization.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Computer Vision/OCR
  • Speech and Text analysis

Imagine reports that will show you how things WILL be rather than how they WERE. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques can provide you with guiderails and decision-making capabilities that simply were not available to you in the past. These exciting technologies can mimic human understanding capabilities and give you a massive advantage over your competition.


  • Workflow Automation

Automating a business process workflow can cross many disciplines. By leveraging your data, adding the power of Artificial Intelligence, and the speed of a low-code platform, you can eliminate large amounts of human intervention in certain workflows. These systems provide added accuracy and speed while freeing your workforce to focus on higher-value tasks.

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Our People Are The Difference

“We were really impressed with SafeNet’s delivery. They clearly knew what they were doing and delivered a quality solution on time and on budget. It was a real pleasure working with Ryan.”


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