Data & Artificial Intelligence

We help you leverage your data as an asset to gain insights that help you thrive in this fast changing business and technology landscape.

Data Intelligence

We can help you make sense of the data you currently have and help you tell a story with it. We can look at your data and help you set up Dashboarding, reporting and BI tools. Put your data to work and use it to your advantage.

Cognitive Services

Leverage Azure’s computational abilities and Microsoft’s homegrown AI models to create solutions that can listen, read, or even see things in ways that mimic human behavior. The use cases are endless: from freeing humans from tedious or monotonous work through automation to extracting qualitative scoring from website comments. These capabilities require minimal training and after working with SafeNet, you will understand how to maintain and consume your AI solutions.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning algorithms allow you to extract patterns from data that would be nearly impossible for a human to find, classify or sort items at light speed and gain valuable insights into future outcomes. All that is required is a sufficiently large dataset and a hypothesis. We will help you gather and clean your data for ML training, tune your models and deploy them for consumption.

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging techniques from statistics, AI and ML we can help you set up analytics solutions that help you predict where your business is headed. Anyone can set up reports that show lagging indicators – what if you had reports that gave you an understanding of what tomorrow looks like? How might that change your decision making?

Deep Searches

We can use Azure’s deep search capabilities to sort through unstructured data through OCR (optical character recognition), labeling and index-based searches. We can fundamentally change the way you look for data by creating relationships between entities that previously were not possible. Search massive stores of PDF’s, Images, JSON documents and text files with incredible speed and accuracy.

How Can We Help Your Business?

With offices in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, you can find a solution with us. If you want to rethink your future, think differently about a challenge, or reshape your customer’s experience, We would love to hear from you!