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SafeNet Consulting helps companies optimize human manual processes through modern applications.

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Ensure your business applications are tools that help users

Modern applications are valuable business tools that deliver a better experience and better value. Watch this video to learn more.


What Clients Get

Experienced developers who can build apps that make it better for humans to do their jobs. We also understand older technologies and can apply modern techniques to turn the app that everyone hates working on into an intuitive, efficient, and accessible work-of-art while improving user resources. Clients get solutions that are high-quality, maintainable, transparent, architecturally sound, and delivered within budget and on time. 

What We Do

We work with your team to understand the critical business processes then draw on our in-depth experience with emerging technologies to deliver a quality system that meets business needs, provides the optimal user experience, is scalable and extensible. 

How We Do It

Our team will work with key stakeholders to identify opportunities to help you enhance your experience across the following areas: modernize, migrate, integrate, and product build. This holistic approach helps our clients recognize an opportunity or need in one or multiple areas. 


  • Do you have a mission-critical app that is difficult to maintain or keep running?
  • Does your mission-critical app require long, overnight deployments that your team dreads?
  • Do your users enjoy using your app, or is the UI dated and clunky?

Sometimes you just need to refresh to modernize, increase functionality and start with capabilities and user experience at the center of your build. Whether you are looking to upgrade a critical app or rewrite it entirely, SafeNet has the expertise and knowledge to help.


  • Does your app need to scale?
  • Is your current hosting platform too expensive for what it is hosting?
  • Does your server need to be restarted often?

Even the best-written app is at the mercy of its platform. Many apps currently reside in on-premise servers that can’t scale or operate within expensive virtual machines in the cloud. SafeNet can help you refactor and rewrite code for cloud hosting.


  • Can you clearly define your system integration strategy?
  • Can everyone access the data they need to see in a way that makes sense?
  • Are manual processes needed to move data from one system to another?

All businesses have disparate systems that need to communicate. SafeNet works to understand your entire technology ecosystem and then uses that understanding to provide the most effective solutions possible. Brittle integration points can lead to a lot of future organizational pain. We specialize in creating solutions that provide technical agility.

Product Build

  • Does your team know how to deliver a better experience and better value for people?
  • Does your team know how to build defensive code to allow the business to pivot?
  • Is your product ready to scale on day one?

Building a product is a unique undertaking. SafeNet works to build systems that can change to meet business needs as they evolve while keeping user experience at the center. We know that a better experience equals a better value.

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Our People Are the Difference

“We were really impressed with SafeNet’s delivery. They clearly knew what they were doing and delivered a quality solution on time and on budget. It was a real pleasure working with Ryan.”


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