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Data, AI & Machine Learning Hybrid Event

Join the SafeNet Consulting Solutions team for a “hybrid location” event focused on the power of automation and artificial intelligence.

Tim Goebel and Rhommer Varilla will spend 50 minutes sharing ideas and real-world project examples designed to help organizations achieve fast turn-around and concentrated effort on the most valuable opportunities through automation and AI.

When:  Tuesday, July 21, 2021, from 4:00-4:50

Where: Wherever you want to attend — it’s a “hybrid location” event!

  • In-person: at SafeNet Consulting’s Minnesota office, followed by happy hour
  • Online: from the comfort of your location, via Zoom

What: Free 50-minute webinar with Q&A

Why: Meet rising manual process expectations by thinking bigger, moving faster, and delivering better value to meet growing expectations.

  • Learn about the automation and AI capabilities within Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services & Machine Learning
  • Utilize predictive insights to prioritize opportunities that yield the best value or likelihood of being won​
  • Reduce costs by automating repetitive manual tasks in the Sales workflow​
  • Reskill and upskill employees so that they can do more engaging work​
  • Create a dashboard to understand sales efficiencies and identify bottlenecks
  • Add structure to unstructured information to automate and optimize processes