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Demystifying AI: How It Applies to Your Business

There’s a lot of confusion around artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on business. Most of us understand the basics of this technology, but wrapping your head around how it’s relevant to your day-to-day work can be a bit more challenging. Is AI a transformative tool you need to invest in—or an optional expense to avoid?

At SafeNet Consulting, we build strong relationships with our partners to create game-changing technology solutions. That’s why we’re so excited to talk about artificial intelligence today. Our goal with this blog is to give you some practical info on AI, including how you can apply it to drive better outcomes for your business. Let’s jump in.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

At its core, artificial intelligence is a technology that enables machines to think and behave like humans. AI makes it possible for machines to learn and make more intelligent decisions over time, using existing data to inform future actions. As people, we’ve built an entire branch of computer science around AI: building smart machines to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence.

AI solutions aren’t limited to predetermined responses; they can analyze and act on incoming data in real time. AI machines can also gather and accurately process data much faster than humans, accomplishing long, labor-intensive tasks in minutes. As a result, this innovative technology is disrupting and changing many industries, ranging from healthcare and manufacturing to retail and logistics.

Is AI Right for Your Business?

Now that we’ve reviewed the basics of AI, let’s talk about how its viability for your own business. Artificial intelligence takes careful planning to use effectively. You have to be strategic about your goals for this technology—and which data you’ll gather to advance those objectives.

Your business generates tremendous amounts of data, from sales figures to details on customer interactions. The right AI tools can analyze and create a clear story from all of that data, which allows your business to identify areas where it can improve. Here are a few examples to help demonstrate how AI creates meaningful change in different types of companies:


Say you’re a leading e-commerce brand that wants to create a better customer service experience. You could leverage AI technology to build an intelligent chatbot that listens to users, actually understands their problems, and converses with them to address those issues. That solution would save your team time on day-to-day operations, while empowering your business to serve customers faster and more reliably.


What if you’re a healthcare enterprise that’s overloaded with hospital admissions? You could create an AI solution that checks existing patient data to identify trends in treatment or behavior, like unplanned hospital trips. That tool would allow you to plan more proactively around patient needs—and deliver more reliable care outcomes.


Say you’re a leader in financial services that needs to cut down on document-processing time. AI and apps can help your team enter data from thousands of financial documents automatically, completing massive amounts of work in minutes. You can even extract information from those files into a simple dashboard in seconds—putting in-depth analytics at your fingertips.


Construction planning is extremely complex, but that’s starting to change with the implementation of AI. As a construction company, you could equip your teams with AI for analyzing as-built performance data across projects—supporting more strategic forecasting and planning.


Ensuring fast and efficient quality checks is a major concern for today’s manufacturers. With AI, your team can use camera-equipped machines to detect even the tiniest defects in products across manufacturing workflows. Automating these quality checks with AI saves your team time while increasing product consistency.

Data & AI Solutions from SafeNet

At SafeNet, we’ve helped a variety of businesses turn their data into meaningful insights through AI technology. Our data intelligence solutions make it easy to gather and digest that data through reporting, dashboarding and BI tools. We also offer deep search capabilities through Microsoft Azure, allowing you to sort through massive assortments of images and text files with speed and precision.

Some of our other core capabilities include machine learning and cognitive services, which allow you to automate labor-intensive tasks or set up analytics solutions to predict where your business is headed. So no matter what your goals are for AI, our team is here to support you every step of the way.

Elevate Your Business With AI

If you’re looking for a strategic partner to unlock the full potential of AI for your business, then connect with SafeNet today. We’ll collaborate with you to provide a custom solution for your unique challenges. You can also reach out with questions you have on AI and apps, machine learning or even AI for B2B. We’d love to help.

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