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Empowering Consultants to Stay on the Cutting Edge

The landscape of software engineering changes rapidly. As consultants, we fight to stay on the cutting edge and remain technologically relevant. Sometimes, this can be tough if we are working at a client that doesn’t necessarily need that sort of work done. How can we make sure that our consultants feel supported in this endeavor to stay current? At SafeNet, we think an answer to that question is providing our consultants with hands-on experiential learning opportunities.

Training courses are great for laying the foundational knowledge, but no one can say they “know something” until they have gotten their hands on it and have had a safe place to experiment and fail. With that in mind, SafeNet is creating an Azure sandbox environment to simulate an enterprise scenario where a consultant may encounter cutting edge technologies.

We call it Project SKYNET:

Our sandbox will include an IoT Hub reading real-time data from sensors around the office and ingesting the data into a CosmosDB back-end. We will have micro-services supported by Kubernetes to extract the data for consumption. Some of the consuming technology will be data visualizations and reporting with PowerBI or React paired with D3. This project will be supported by our most senior subject matter experts in Enterprise Azure architecture, Web development and UX. All of whom will mentor and guide consultants to industry best practices.

SafeNet is committed to keeping our employees relevant, marketable and engaged. We believe that consultants who feel supported and invested in are happier, feel safe; and in turn are more productive for our clients. If you’re interested in joining our team visit our careers page – or if you would like to engage one of our talented engineers, feel free to fill out our contact form.

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