SafeNet Speaker Series
  • September 20, 2018

  • 11:30 AM

  • SafeNet - Milwaukee

    1036 W Juneau Ave, Suite 302

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233

  • Speakers

    Cameron Vetter

Azure Batch AI for Neural Networks

Do you want to predict customer behavior? Evaluate the content of a photo or sound? Detect Fraud? Feed usage data back into your algorithms to improve them automatically?

All of these things are being done today using Neural Networks for Machine Learning.

This talk will cover how to use the GPU power of Azure to train a Neural Network and how to turn that Neural Network into a REST service hosted in Azure. The topics covered include:

  • A brief overview of Neural Networks
  • Azure Batch AI
  • Azure Data Science Virtual Machines
  • Python in Azure Web Apps

You’ll leave with an understanding of how to use Azure to train and host your neural networks.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Developers, Devops, Data Scientists, Architects

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