• November 08, 2017

  • 6:00 PM

  • St. Augustine Preparatory Academy

    2607 South 5th Street

    Milwaukee, WI 53207

  • Speakers

    Rhommer Varilla

NEWaukee’s Speaker Crawl

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NEWaukee’s Speaker Crawl is an interactive professional development program that simultaneously features a dozen speakers and a cultural institution to a young professional audience. The participants never sit during the presentations as they traverse the program exhibitions to hear from the diverse lineup of speakers in 15 minute TedTalk style presentations with no A/V. The Speaker Crawl is social in nature while it also imparts a wide array of information about the important issues facing our city as well as tips for personal and professional growth.

Speaker: Rhommer Varilla - Director of Growth & Strategy, SafeNet Consulting
Title: “No better time than now... to do something dope with technology“
Bio: Rhommer first learned how to program a computer in 1979 at Dover Elementary in Milwaukee, WI. Since then he has participated in multiple mind shifts of applying technology that bring us to the digital world we live in today. Throughout his career he has been a software developer, taught classes on designing software and using various tools and products, and held multiple leadership positions in growing technology services companies.

At SafeNet consulting, he plays a key role in understanding today’s business and technology trends and putting the company in a position apply technology in ways that create an engaging experience, optimize business, and transform products for their clients. He has a passion for innovation and actively seeks like-minds that are looking for a better way of doing things.

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