Twin Cities Code Camp
  • April 13, 2019

  • 8:00 AM

  • Kopp Student Center/Normandale Community College

    9700 France Ave S

    Bloomington, MN 55431

  • Speakers

    Cameron Vetter

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Twin Cities Code Camp

Twin Cities Code Camp 23 is happening at Normandale Community College. Learn how to integrating machine learning capabilities into your team.

Machine Learning is here today and is quickly becoming an expected skill of development teams. As a technical leader on your team, you need to not only help your team learn how to do machine learning, but also select the right tools, integrate the tools into your toolchain, and understand how to deploy and version machine learning models.

This talk answers these questions using the Microsoft stack as an example. We will walk through my approach to integrating Machine Learning into a team. The topics covered include:

  • Where to start, while minimizing investment and risk.
  • The spectrum of tools from off the shelf to handcrafted.
  • Packaging and deploying your model.
  • Integrating your model into your system.
  • Other considerations and risks.

You'll leave with my perspective on how to introduce a team to machine learning and how I recommend integrating machine learning into your software development toolkit.

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TARGET AUDIENCE: Senior Developers, Architects, Technical Leaders

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