• January 23, 2019

  • 6:00 PM

  • SafeNet - Milwaukee

    1036 W Juneau Ave, Suite 302

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233

  • Speakers

    Ashley Dzick

    Nick Gartmann

  • Sponsors


UX and Machine Learning

There will be two quick talks on Machine Learning, followed by a Q+A session and open discussion amongst the group.

Nick's topic is: reCAPTCHA - A Masterclass in Machine Learning Culture
Google is a poster child for business success with machine learning. We'll explore how an often overlooked anti-spam technology shines a light on the way Google product designers solve problems and more.

Ashley's topic is: Solving What to Solve: UX and Machine Learning
Machine Learning is fantastic at solving unique problems in new and exciting ways -- it's an excellent opportunity to discover valuable insights into your data patterns and relationships.

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