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Finding ChatBots Where You Would Least Expect Them

As far as technologies go, chatbots are pretty straightforward. They are automated programs that interact with people via text or voice chatting.

Chatbots are placed in text chatting programs. Some well-known examples of these programs include Skype, Facebook Messenger, Siri, Alexa, Ok Google, and many others. Using artificial intelligence, these bots can understand human language using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other advanced techniques.

Once the chatbot understands what a human is asking or providing, it can interact with that person. An individual can then be plugged into the intelligent cloud, gaining access to vast quantities of information. From manufacturing data to customer complaints, chatbots can digest it all and act upon it.

There’s a very good chance that you’ve interacted with a chatbot at some point or another. Chatbots are often used in customer service roles. If you’ve sent a message to a customer service instant messaging program, you’ve likely dealt with a chatbot, even if it had been passed off as a living, breathing, typing human being. However, chatbots are also used by HR, IT, manufacturing, healthcare, and various other service departments within industries.

Let’s look at 9 of the most famous chatbots. Some of them may pop up in unexpected places for unanticipated uses.

Swelly Bot

This one is a favorite. Integrated into Facebook Messenger, this app now has 15,000,000 users! The Swelly Bot app helps people make decisions. Whether you’re looking for the perfect restaurant or trying to decide which pair of shoes to buy, Swelly Bot can offer advice. This is great for people who struggle to make decisions.

Kasisto KAI

Managing finances isn’t easy, but Kasisto Kai makes it easier. This chatbot helps monitor both a person’s spending and bank account. It can even monitor online purchases! The brainchild of Kasisto, which helped create Apple’s Siri, Kai is fantastic for people who struggle with regard to managing their money.


This app acts as a personal assistant of sorts. Featuring an easy to use WhatsApp like Interface, the app will work with you to figure out which types of insurance you might need, such as motor insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, and more.

Of course, a simple questionnaire probably won’t impress many people. However, the app can also monitor a person’s activities and location. As it does, SPIXII can update users about potential gaps in their coverage.


A favorite in the entrepreneur scene, Kukie is a consultant/mentor that can help you get your fantastic business ideas rolling. Getting your dreams off the ground can be difficult. Kukie makes it easier. This chatbot can provide you with a wide range of resources targeted at entrepreneurs and other dreamers.

With over 300 startup resources spread across 40 different categories, the app can serve a wide range of people. Whether you need tips on how to design a logo, or how to build a website or market your products, Kukie will be able to offer resources. Furthermore, whether you want to start a restaurant, tech company, or manufacturing firm, there will be resources available for you.

Chasing dreams is difficult and often intimidating. However, Kukie can help guide you.


If you spend a lot of time traveling, then you’ve probably realized what a hassle catching a flight can be. It doesn’t matter if you check the flight status right as you walk out the door, or you sign up for the airline’s text message alerts, or whatever, you’re still never really in the know.

You rush to the gate only to learn that the plane is still flying over the ocean. Or you’re waiting in the pickup lane for your friend who’s supposed to be landing, but the plane is delayed by three hours. Despite the best effort of air staff, planes are rarely where you want them to be when you want them to be there.

With Instalocate, you can also update family members, grab a cab, check into your flight online, and carry out a variety of other tasks.

Fynd’s Fify

Don’t like shopping alone but don’t like shopping with friends? Or maybe they aren’t available? Fynd’s Fify is a great companion. The app can help you select clothing based on your input and preferences. Along the way, the app will also gossip about movie stars and other pop culture topics. Fify is like a real-life friend in your pocket.


Recruitment is a difficult daunting task for even the best of companies. That helps explain why the recruiting industry is so large. However, Mya can automate as much as 75% of the recruiting process. This chatbot can help your company vet clients and take care of much other tedious work.

The bot can also be programmed to answer questions, such as salary and work responsibilities. Combined with NPL and connected to the intelligent cloud, Mya can significantly reduce the burden of filling staff positions.


When it comes to health, we all often have questions. However, doctors and other medical professionals are also extremely busy. They often don’t have the time to answer our questions. Your.MD can utilize natural, organic language with NLP to talk with patients about their health questions. It can then provide general answers and make suggestions. Using data from the National Health Service via the intelligent cloud, the bot is quite the smart “doctor.”


Sometimes you owe friends money. Maybe you forgot your wallet, and they paid for dinner. Or perhaps a sibling needs to borrow a few bucks while awaiting a paycheck. Whatever the cause, Mypoolin can help. This chatbot makes it very simple to send payments. The bot also makes it easy to collect payments.

The Future for Chatbots is Bright

As fantastic as the above chatbots are, the future only has more in store. As artificial intelligence, computer processors, and the intelligent cloud advance, chatbots will only grow more powerful and increasingly flexible.

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