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In the News: Brad Zepecki named SafeNet CEO

SafeNet Consulting has named Brad Zepecki as its CEO. Zepecki will oversee both the Minnetonka and Milwaukee offices, reporting to a newly created Board of Directors, on which he will also serve.

Since 2010, Zepecki has lead the Milwaukee office in its vision to create interesting and challenging work for its technology consultants, while elevating the consulting approach to a strategic partnership with its clients. This strategy has resulted in record growth during Zepecki’s tenure. Moving forward, it will be Zepecki’s aim to ensureSafeNet moves forward as one company with a cohesive vision focusing around its consultant culture, partnering with its clients, and supporting its local and technology communities.

SafeNet is a committed supporter of building a technology community through a unique approach to the technology consulting partnership, sponsorship & support of technology community groups, and its hands-on summer internship program partnering young talent with local non-profits to provide technology solutions. In the Milwaukee market, Zepecki has been an advocate for the improvement of the Milwaukee community as a whole, currently serving on the board of Playworks, a non-profit that helps kids to stay active and build valuable social and emotional skills.


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