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Indecision Is a Decision

Companies across the globe are faced with making key technology decisions every single day and the effects of not making those in a timely manner can have serious repercussions. Delayed decisions can eventuate in missed opportunities to make your business more visible to potential customers. Making swift and confident decisions can improve a very important aspect of your business…efficiency. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of how not making a decision can affect your businesses efficiency.

Time and Money

Simply put, time is money — not making a decision will ultimately cost you time and money. Revenue can take a significant hit in these situations — for every 8 hours of indecision you’re trading away 8 hours of productivity…the cost of the tradeoff can result in thousands of dollars being thrown out the window.

Late Adoption

Gary Vee once said, “You either evolve or go out of business.” The longer it takes for a company to adopt a new product or new technology that can help their business evolve, the higher risk they take that their competitors will beat them to the punch and subsequently take away market share.

Great companies are rarely built one indecisive step at a time. Perfectionism kills creativity, agility, and efficiency prior to making a decision. Wallowing in a place of inaction does not lead to success — Decide, Evolve, Succeed.

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