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Must-Know Facts about Intelligent Edge and Intelligent Cloud

At the Build conference this year, Microsoft unveiled many new developer tools, but the one theme that stood out among the rest and was repeated continuously was: “Intelligent Cloud, Intelligent Edge”. The conversation that Microsoft wants to have with its users about intelligent edge and intelligent cloud is new providing a culmination of technology advances.

For a long time, Microsoft has worked with the central idea of “Cloud First, Mobile First”. All devices and the data they produce represent the intelligent edge, and the intelligent cloud is where the people at Microsoft hope to eventually center all computer-related functions. Let’s take a deeper look at just what are the intelligent edge and the intelligent cloud, as well as at how and where they are currently being put into use.

Just What Are the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge?

The move towards the Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge is really a move towards much more aggressive AI technology. Not the kind that will enslave all of mankind and keep bodies in pods to harvest raw biological materials, this is rather the kind of AI technology that can analyze much more data much more quickly and then put that data to use much more effectively as well. To put it simply, the cloud is where data and AI are and the edge is where devices and interactions take place.

This push for Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge really feels a lot like Apple’s Continuation and Handoff features that let users pick up exactly where they left off, regardless of what device being used. One example would be the use of proactive AI with a digital assistant to suggest traffic routes based on the fact that a person has a meeting somewhere marked down in a calendar, along with a suggestion to remotely link to the meeting if it’s obvious that person isn’t going to make it to the meeting on time.

How Do They Work?

No matter what type of data it is, every kind of data creates gravity that a company can make use of. As devices are putting out data points, they are also communicating with one another. What intelligent cloud and intelligent edge aim to do is to create deeper conversations between your devices to allow them to predict things they normally wouldn’t perceive and draw actionable insights that they had not been able to achieve in the past.

Why Use the Intelligent Cloud?

Across all industries, business leaders are hungry for the ability to develop greater insights into their data with prescriptive and cognitive intelligence. In essence, the goal for the future of enterprise cloud computing is to be able to deliver prescriptive and cognitive intelligence. In a world where apps are becoming more and more useful and common, leaders hope to be able to gain the flexibility to change the selling behavior of their apps on a dime, with as little latency as possible. Rather than remaining stuck in the primitive state of using past data in order to make predictions about the future, the goal for many business leaders is to shorten the gap between the data they receive and the insights they put into action once it is analyzed. The intelligent cloud and intelligent edge offer a surefire way to shorten this gap.

Who Intends to Adopt the Intelligent Cloud?

When the Intelligent Cloud first came onto the scene, there began to be a struggle going on in terms of the on-premises housing of data and the use of the intelligent cloud. Today, it can safely be said, the cloud has won. There are far too many benefits to be had from using the cloud, and the number of advantages it holds over on-premises housing is just too large to deny. Nearly all business leaders today are embracing a hybrid cloud strategy that allows them to break down barriers within their fields and continue to transition to the cloud more completely.

Almost no C-level executives involved in fields to which the cloud applies are satisfied with merely measuring cloud adoption. They all also want to know how to use the intelligent cloud to measure their business outcomes and achieve better insight into just how they can manage and improve their revenue cycles with a higher degree of efficiency.

This is where companies like SafeNet come in. SafeNet is a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies adopt new and complicated technology like the intelligent cloud. Its staff members have experience in all major sectors, ranging from healthcare to government, and there is no project too complicated for them to handle.

If you are interested in adopting Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge technology but don’t know where to begin, get in touch with us. Our staff of professionals can help you begin the very complex transition to using the Intelligent Cloud and eventually get you to the point where you are gaining hugely actionable and ultimately profitable insights from your data and devices.

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