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A cloud architect supports end-to-end deployment, and a cloud engineer implements a cloud platform. 

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A cloud architect supports end-to-end deployment, and a cloud engineer implements a cloud platform. 


What Clients Get

Gain confidence knowing you have individuals well versed in new capabilities to take advantage of services not available on-premises and individuals accountable for the end-to-end cloud deployment experience.

What We Do

We learn the clients’ business needs and facilitate technical architecture and application design discussions, specific implementation projects, and proofs of concepts to drive cloud deployment that meets or exceeds client expectations.

How We Do It

Our engineers collaborate closely with development teams to transform the data and work with the business for visualization planning. They then master the breadth and depth of internal and external data sources and determine the most effective ways to present insights. Once that understanding is complete, we provide recommendations and data quality improvements. The specific steps that SafeNet uses to transform your business are as follows: define, refine, reimagine, and deliver. 


  • Business needs and drivers
  • Identity and access control
  • Security requirements
  • Architecture design
  • Application design
  • Specific implementation projects

We facilitate working sessions with the business to understand strategic customer business objectives and articulate solution vision to ensure the cloud development will meet the needs.


  • AGILE development
  • SCRUM and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
  • Proofs of concept

Our cloud architects and cloud engineers work in tandem to deliver based on an iterative development process with ongoing refinement.


  • Move your DR as a service (DRaaS) to the cloud for reliable failover that matches your Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and your Recovery Time Objective (RTO).
  • Define, set up, and manage Backup as a service (BUaaS) to take advantage of cloud storage for a backup solution in the cloud
  • Connect on-premises workloads & identity management with workloads running in the cloud

Whether DRaaS, BUaaS, or workloads communicating in the cloud back to on-premises resources, hybrid cloud is sometimes the cloud of choice. We work to guide customers on this journey by allowing them to maximize their efforts towards cloud adoption while continuing to optimize capital expenditures (CapEx) investments on-premises. 


  • Implement and automate the deployment of IaaS and PaaS services in Azure
  • Replaces and modernizes existing applications
  • Architect, Design and Develop high performance, scalable, and secure cloud-native applications on Microsoft Azure.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot Azure environment
  • Builds new off-premises applications

Our continuous and ultimate goal through cloud migrations and processes is to help your business host your application in the best IT environment based on performance, security, and cost. 

Cloud Adoption

We work with you to identify cloud technology solutions based on your unique business goals.

  • Are you looking to jump-start your cloud journey quickly and intentionally?
  • Is your business goal to drive business efficiency with an optimized cloud system?
  • Do you want to solve complex problems and craft innovative solutions with cloud-based technology?

The cloud is more than a simple destination. Digital transformation allows the cloud to become an operating model for how companies advance and grow. Our team works to ensure clients’ cloud ecosystems deliver what they need. Our team excels in the areas of thought leadership and high-quality execution via strategic cloud design, optimization, migration, and innovation.

SafeNet’s Cloud Architects & Engineers help companies jump-start their cloud journey to reduce costs, scale your business up or down, and create game-changing solutions that challenge the status quo.

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