Data Analysts

SafeNet Consulting data analysts provide powerful insights into our client’s businesses to understand their data integrity and ways to improve it.

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Data analysts help companies make their data work for them

Data analysts help clients ensure their data is working for them in a meaningful way that brings insights to benefit the business. Watch this video to learn about a client project where our data analysts helped support an existing team to accomplish a long-standing business goal. 

What Clients Get

Based on business needs and objectives, clients obtain plans and processes to deliver high-level business visualizations through their data. 

What We Do

We apply critical thinking to deliver impactful insights into our client’s data and increase their understanding to enable more effective business strategy execution. 

How We Do It

We collaborate closely with development teams to transform the data and work with the business for visualization planning. We then master the breadth and depth of internal and external data sources and determine the most effective ways to present insights. Once that understanding is complete, we provide recommendations and data quality improvements.  

We then move to build out an environment that might include a data warehouse built on a variety of datasets and data sources, data mining to extract solutions and meaning from that data, and dashboards to present that data back to the business in an effective manner. 


  • Business data sources
  • Data composition
  • Available technologies
  • Data visualization needs

We participate in working sessions with the business to understand their data needs. By researching and analyzing available data sources, we can effectively work with developers to determine available platforms and technologies. 


  • Collect data – Databases, flat files, spreadsheets, API calls
  • Transform data – Develop ETL processes (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Cleanse data – Normalize and standardize
  • Prepare data – Validate format and accuracy
  • Tools- SQL, Python, GUI-based ETL tools

Our data analysts create and execute action plans to acquire and transform data for its presentation.

Visualize / Report

  • Prototype automations and views
  • Implement visualization tools
  • Business intelligence reporting solves business needs

We frequently communicate with our business clients during the agile development of business visualizations. We obtain final validation from our clients before production deployments.

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Our People Are The Difference

“I know I have said it a million times, but Joe Marty is amazing!! As complicated as the project was, he was always on top of everything. On behalf of our team and me, I wanted to express our happiness with how well this project went. He was an integral part on making this happen and it has been an absolute pleasure working with him!”
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