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SafeNet Consulting’s staff are available to facilitate efficiency, provide transparency, and help set standards and goals. Scrum masters ensure everyone shares a group understanding and shared responsibility for success.

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Scrum masters methodology

Scrum masters are essential to agile teams. They perform mission-critical activities from sprint planning and retrospectives to conversations with product owners and stakeholders. These steps allow for clear direction and focus for organizing, leading, and removing impediments for the development team so they can effectively move forward in their process. 
Watch this video to learn how Scrum Masters help development teams deliver.

What Clients Get

Gain efficiencies, transparency, and processes to ensure elevated team performance and quality software solutions are delivered on time and on budget using proven scrum methodologies. With our scrum masters working on your team, you’ll ensure you have clear deliverables with clean backlogs and work items while keeping the development team engaged, informed, and performing to the best of their abilities. 

What We Do

We strive to improve efficiencies and facilitate Scrum processes for better creativity and better performing teams. A scrum master delivers quality software solutions on time and on budget.

How We Do It

Our Scrum Masters bring years of experience on many different projects and employ an incremental approach to assure predictability and control risk in the software development process. We work together with our product owners and stakeholders to set up clear deliverables while keeping the development team engaged, informed, and delivering consistent results. Our Scrum Masters highlight three key areas when delivering on a project: inspection, transparency, and adaptation.  

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a framework to address complex problems while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value throughout the execution.  

Scrum is: 

  • Lightweight 
  • Simple to understand 
  • Difficult to master 
  • Results-oriented  


We define our initial backlog in user stories to determine the minimum viable product or MVP. Then based on feedback we refine our future work to meet expectations based on the product owners. 


  • Do we have the right product owner to provide the team with requirements? 
  • Are we using the right tool to convey the information between the client and the team? 
  • Is our communication robust enough for the clients to understand what they are getting? 
  • Are you comfortable knowing that the team is busy and optimized for the best performance? 
  • Does your software development practice struggle with meeting delivery expectations? 
  • Does your development team work well together or is it a struggle to keep everyone aligned? 
  • Are your teams’ roles clearly defined? 

All the aspects of the Scrum process must be visible to those responsible for all stakeholders of the outcome. This includes the development team, the product owner, and clients impacted to ensure expectations are clear and achievable. 

Scrum Masters are skilled at providing transparency by setting standards and goals so everyone shares a group understanding and shared responsibility for success.  

The scrum masters will work with the team, the product owners, and stakeholders to establish a definition of completion for each sprint. This process will ensure expectations are clear and achievable. 


A high-performing scrum team will collectively look at progress and results critically to determine what is working well and what is not. Our scrum masters will help the team by using a critical mindset to continue to refine and improve processes. 

The Scrum Master facilitates four formal events for inspection and adaptation:

  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum
  • Sprint Review
  • Sprint Retrospective

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