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The software architect makes design choices and recommends technical standards based on your unique business needs, and the software engineer defines the software solution that help your business meet those needs. 

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The software architect makes design choices and recommends technical standards based on your unique business needs, and the software engineer defines the software solution that help your business meet those needs. 

What Clients Get

Clients gain a trusted expert who evaluates your applications,  systems, and platforms for areas of improvement or recommendations for replacement. Our experts design for change and provide an agile approach resulting in a solution customized to suit your business. Each solution is uniquely builtsome solutions are better when built from scratch, and others work best off the shelf. Let us help you decide which could be the best for you.

What We Do

SafeNet Consulting’s Software Architects & Engineers review your business applications and systems’ architecture and then make design and technical recommendations. Our experts will produce the right integration strategy based on the needs of your business.  

How We Do It

Our software architects and engineers understand how your applications fit together by using their expertise in developing software solutions across many businesses and industries. This expertise can be leveraged to understand what may or may not work based on their experience. 


  • Document what’s working with current application
  • Document what’s not working with current application
  • Understand the business needs, business drivers, resources, and budget

We facilitate working sessions with your business stakeholders to understand your objectives and goals and then articulate a solution vision to ensure the application development will meet you needs. 


  • Provide high-level design choices
  • Set software standards
  • Provide architecture design
  • Provide software solution design
  • Specify target implementation projects to get started

Once we understand how the your current applications work together, we can provide recommendations for updated integrations or new applications to meet your business needs. 


  • Provide working proof of concept (POC) for the business requirements to determine if it will meet the needs
  • Implement the POC and learn from it to iterate to the working solution
  • Integrate enhancements to make the application better based on the new experience

Our software architects and engineers work in tandem to deliver solutions based on an iterative development process with ongoing refinement. 

Modern Application Development

We know that a better experience equals a better value.

  • Are you still relying on a person or people to update or maintain your data and keep your business moving?
  • Do your users enjoy using your app, or is the UI dated, and clunky, or s-l-o-w?
  • Does your app need to scale for user performance?

Modern applications are valuable business tools and SafeNet’s Software Architects & Engineers help companies optimize manual processes through the implementation of modern applications. Sometimes you just need to refresh to modernize, increase functionality and start with capabilities and user experience at the center of your build.

Whether you are looking to upgrade a critical app or rewrite it entirely, our consultants have the expertise and knowledge to help. We can assess the areas of your business that you wish to modernize and give you a plan for it.

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