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What’s It Like to Work for a Technology Consulting Firm?

Technical innovation is changing the way companies learn, make decisions and adapt to provide the best possible experience for customers. In the wake of this age of digital disruption, new technologies and business models are refining traditional markets—and creating new industries entirely. That’s why today’s leading enterprises are working with technology consulting firms to capitalize on emerging technologies and unlock game-changing results.

But progress is not an eternal fire; it takes curiosity and constant experimentation to fan that flame. At SafeNet Consulting, we form partnerships with consultants and clients who share our desire to drive innovation. That means investing in leading experts on cloud consulting, AI and apps, software engineering and other emerging technologies. Today, let’s take a glance into the world of technology consulting to help you decide whether it’s the right field for you.

Technology Consulting: What’s It About?

At its heart, technology consulting is all about solving tough problems. We work with enterprises across healthcare, manufacturing, finance and other industries to build game-changing tools that address their unique business challenges. For some, that means crafting hybrid cloud technology to unlock data deployment options. For others, it means deploying AI and apps to streamline manual data entry and help teams collaborate more efficiently.

The challenge with describing this role is that it changes based on which firm or clients you choose. Here’s an overview of the broad strokes to get you started:

Educating Clients

One major aspect of technology consulting is educating clients on the many solutions at their disposal. Plenty of technologies can solve an issue, but which ones move the needle farthest and fastest? Great consultants take the time to understand the core business challenges their clients face, then advise them on the most practical solution.

Development & Integration

Consultants work directly with IT departments to develop and integrate new technology solutions. Often, these are high-profile projects that make use of cutting-edge solutions, so there’s no shortage of opportunities to learn new things and grow. From custom applications and agile delivery to scalable cloud technology, consultants are constantly working with new, innovative solutions.

Projects & Contracts

Technology consultants work across diverse projects with set timeframes. Typically, their contract with a client will last about a year. The best part about this approach is that it gives consultants the freedom to move between fresh projects annually, instead of being chained to a single enterprise or development effort.

The Perks of Technology Consulting

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics, let’s break into some reasons why technology consulting might be the best move for your career:

Diversify Your Work
Joining a technology consulting firm gives you access to engaging projects that span a variety of clients and industries. It’s a great way to learn about and experiment with new technologies and methodologies as you advance through your career.

Learn & Innovate
Consulting firms work on the bleeding edge of new technologies, allowing you to collaborate with experts on artificial intelligence, cloud technology, agile delivery, data analytics and more. Use these projects to learn from leading thinkers in the field—and pioneer your own innovations.

Further Your Career
The best technology consulting firms work with you to understand your unique career goals—and help you forge the best path to those outcomes. They invest in your future by offering guidance and opportunities for growth, while giving you the freedom to take the ones you want.

Why Choose SafeNet Consulting?

There are hundreds of technology consulting firms, but what sets SafeNet apart is our commitment to relationships and transparency. We believe that the best solutions are built when every person involved feels understood and supported. That’s why we regularly check in with our consultants to make sure they have the tools they need to be happy and successful in their role.

As a technology consultant for SafeNet, you have the freedom to choose your own workplace and influence your own projects. We come to you with work opportunities and let you choose which you’ll take—while keeping you connected to the rest of our creative team for support. Our partnerships span many clients and industries, which gives you the freedom to pick the projects you’ll enjoy.

You might be here because you’re interested in exploring a new line of work. Or maybe you’re experienced with consulting but need a more flexible employer and workspace. In either case, if you share our passion for doing brilliant work that drives technology innovation, then SafeNet Consulting is the place for you.

Want to learn more about SafeNet and how we can support your professional goals? Then be sure to send us a message today. You can also reach out for more information on our partnerships and solutions for cloud technology, AI and apps, agile delivery and more. We’d love to hear from you.

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